new blog, who dis

good afternoon.

i am halfway through the last year of my twenties. if i didn’t start a blog, i knew i would die. millennial law dictates that every person at some point in their twenties will generate online content, OR ELSE.

i’m kidding, of course. i had a livejournal from eighth grade until senior year of college. then i had a tumblr. and now i’m here on ~wordpress~

what will my blog contain?

  • quotes i find quite pithy; followed sometimes by what they mean to me
  • poorly written satire
  • thoughts poppin’ in my brain pan
  • the occasional serious post
  • bad poetry, duh
  • poop content (it IS on brand)
  • personal posts that i will likely regret because ~vulnerability is terrifying~

my goal is to post at least once a week, but ideally twice. i am the bad kind of busy, though. the office seasons 1-9 on netflix aren’t going to watch themselves! no, what i mean is right now i’m rehearsing for a play, moving out of my current place, studying for an entrance exam, working as an actor, and trying to figure out what comes next for me (this is the hard one). oh, i also signed up for a bike race, so trying to get in some riding when i can. (side note: every time i say i will NEVER do something, i do it. i was very adamant about never racing my bike, and here we are…)

well, here we go!

be well.